What do we do?
Yukon focuses specifically on (family owned) SME’s looking for new shareholders with added value.

Yukon is in many cases the first professional shareholder of the company.

Yukon provides capital to grow the business or replacement capital to buy out existing shareholders.

The entry of Yukon is usually part of a crucial step in the development of the company. Some typical examples:

• The enterprise needs additional capital to do a major investment, or to finance an acquisition.
• Active shareholders of the company would like to diversify their holdings by selling part of the company to a new shareholder with added value.
• Restructure the ownership after a family succession within the company.
• A manager of a company wants to do it him/herself, and buys the shares with the help of a financial partner (Management Buy Out).
• A manager wants to take over a company to run him/herself and is looking for a financial partner (Management Buy In).
• ...

Yukon buys, builds and sells.

Yukon wants to obtain investment results by being closely involved with the management of the company. Therefore Yukon expects at least a seat in the board of directors of the enterprises in which Yukon participates. In some cases Yukon becomes member of the management team.

Yukon offers financial expertise. Yukon will also help to structure the information flows of the company and will, together with the entrepreneur, think about the strategic issues. If necessary, a turnaround-strategy is developed and implemented.

Given the hands-on involvement, Yukon tends to limit its geographical action radius to companies headquartered within a radius of 200 km around Brussels.

The preference of the partners is for investments of around 1 million euro. Yukon typically acquires a significant minority of the shares. The target is to realize an exit after 3 to 8 years.