Our approach
Yukon was founded in September 1999 with the objective to provide private equity and management support to small and medium size companies headquartered within a radius of 200 km around Brussels.

The long-term strategic goal of Yukon is to achieve consistent investment results. This implies Yukon that does not focus on one particular technology or sector. The partners want to be able to dynamically respond to new developments or changes in the macro environment. Each project is measured by its own merits.

Yukon will only participate in companies of which the managers have a significant part of their personal net worth invested in their company. It is a strongly held belief this condition is critical to success.

Yukon is managed by a “lean and mean” team. The same team of managing partners does the screening, selection and the follow-up of the investment companies.

The managing partners of Yukon are also the principal shareholders of Yukon.